Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Corded Petticoat Progress

Here is a super blurry picture of my corded petticoat. I was too lazy to get a better photo, but there really isn't that much to show anyway. I have eleven rows of cording in (only ten in the photo). I'm hoping to have at least twenty-four rows. Of course, I've seen the insane amount of cording on the Kyoto petticoat, but I don't think I can go for that much. I counted the rows of cording on some other photos of period examples, and I've seen anywhere from 18 to 30. So I guess I'm okay.

After I finish this petticoat, I want to make a few others, particularly one with flounces, to add more volume under my 1828 dress. I'm not going for the huge-dome-look of the 1830s, but I don't want the skirt to look too limp.

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