Monday, December 22, 2008

Regency Poke Bonnet: Finished

I finished this up yesterday while watching the Pats game and then Iron Man (Mike got the Iron Man Blu-Ray for Hannukah, and he just HAD to try out the Blu-Ray player on his PS3). I'm quite happy with the result, my first foray into millinery.

6) Continuing from my previous entry, after you have covered the top side of the brim, make the caul. You have to make a drawstring casing in the bottom, as on the mockup. I made a hand-worked eyelet to thread the ribbom through. Secure some 1/4" ribbon in the casing.

7) Gather the caul and then attach it to the brim, using a running stitch.

8 ) Cover the underside of the brim. You can do this by cutting a piece of fashion fabric slightly larger than the brim, ironing under the seam allowances, and then whip stitching it down.

9) Try it on and take pics!

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