Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Progress on the Regency Stays

I sewed the gussets in the front panel over the weekend, while visiting my parents. I've traced down where I want the busk pocket, and now I am thinking about cording patterns. I think I want to do a combination of the following three stays:

The top one is most simiar to what I want, but I'm considering having curved channels underneath the gussets (though cording those will be a pain). Because I've never embroidered anything, I'll be skipping that. I've decided to hand sew most of this project, because I don't have any other hand sewing things on the table right now. I like to have something to do in front of the TV. Plus, a lot of this is easier for me to do by hand (particularly putting in gussets). But sewing through the layers of fabric is going to make my fingers unhappy!

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