Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Almost Done with the Front Panel...

I finished the decorative stitching on the front panel of my regency stays, and I tacked in the lining. Now I'm moving on to the side panels, which don't have any cording, but do have gussets. Hopefully those won't take so long. I haven't sewn in the busk pocket, because I'm leaving that to do at the local sewing meet-up this Saturday.

I did have a scary moment last weekend when I dropped a glass of bright red cranberry juice near my stays. Luckily, it mostly landed on the lining, which I had yet to tack in. I just cut another lining from extra fabric I had. There was a small spot on one outside piece, but I was able to wash it off, and another spot in the seam allowance. Most of it got on the carpet, and it doesn't show much because the carpet is dark brown. I'm going to stick to drinking water when I'm sewing!

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