Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blog Award

The lovely Dreamstress gifted me with the Amadeus Award "for embodying the spirit of the 18th century." I'm very flattered, especially since I'm just starting out in 18th century costuming. But I am very excited to be able to pass this award on to five bloggers who have helped me in learning about 18th century costume.

In no particular order:

1) Taylor of Tayloropolis. She's given me tons of tips on making 18th c stays. Plus, she is a talented and hilarious writer. And she makes a great "evil 18thc duchess."

2) Jenni of Historically Dressed. (She also blogs on livejournal, but the journal is friends locked.) She has carefully documented her sewing projects, meaning that her site is a great resource for costumers just starting out with 18th c. Her Hello Kitty Dress is one of the best "twisted historicals" ever.

3) Sarah of Sarah Lizzi (friends locked). She is the mind behind one of my favorite pieces by an 18th c costumer, this blue number. And, she's not afraid to drive a car while wearing her 18thc kit.

4) Katie of and livejournal. She has such a beautiful variety of projects, both made for her and for others.

5) Katherine of Katherine's Dress Site and livejournal. She's received tons of accolades from other costumers (much deserved), but I just had to throw my appreciation in the mix. Her website is such a great resource, including detailed construction information and a wealth of different projects.

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