Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Spencer

This was meant as a quick hand sewing project, and I was able to get most of the construction (less sleeves) done in a day. I plopped myself in front of the Pats game (which thankfully went way better than their last game) and got to sewing.

I adapted the construction technique I used on my red open robe for this project. First I attached a facing to the center front opening in the lining.

Then I attached the lining to the fashion fabric front pieces along the edges. I just turned under the raw edges and whip stitched things down.

Next I sewed the shoulder seams, without lining the back piece yet.

Then I put in the lining for the back, again by turning under the edges of both the lining and the fashion fabric, and then whip stitching.

Next came the side back seams.

And then the side seam, which I am just holding together in this picture.

Finally I pinned in the lining for the side back pieces and whip stitched those in.

All done!

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