Sunday, November 27, 2011

18th C Accessories

I'm preparing for Isabellas's 18th C tea next weekend. This of course means that I need a new hat! I trimmed up a felt hat I got at Williamsburg back during the summer. I was able to use a button that I bought from Stephanie's mom at the Pumpkin Tea. (She's vending at Dress U next year and will have lots of goodies for costumers at her booth! We were lucky enough to get a preview at the tea.)

Then I took a look at what jewelry I have and dug up a pin to put on a black silk sash and a white pearl necklace. For the pearls, I removed the existing fish hook clasp and replaced it with a grey ribbon, as I'm not sure that such clasps were available in the 18th C, but ribbon closures definitely were. (You can often see ribbons on pearl necklaces in portraits.)

Finally I put ribbons on my new Fugawee shoes. These are the recently introduced Cherryanna model. (Not all sizes are in stock, as apparently Fugawee did a limited run of these shoes while testing out the style. But they assured me that they will be doing a larger manufacturing run of these next year.)

Now I think I've got sufficient bling for the event!





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