Monday, June 4, 2012

Dress U Friday

I had a great time this past weekend at Dress U, organized by the super-dedicated, super-organized Victoria. She did an awesome job. The convention went really smoothly, especially for a new event. It was wonderful to see so many friends from out of town, plus meet new folks. The costumes were just beautiful. It's going to take me a longer time than normal to put up all my photos, as I took a lot (and I mean a lot) of pictures, and running them through photoshop to fix even simple things like white balance is going to take a while. But I managed to clean and upload the Friday night pictures this afternoon. I may go back and pump some of them up even more later, but I wanted to give you guys a taste. Enjoy!
P6010593dressu2010 P6010606dressu2010 P6010608dressu2010 P6010619dressu2010 P6010649dressu2010 P6010660dressu2010 P6010665dressu2010 P6010614dressu2010 P6010697dressu2010 P6010704dressu2010 P6010710dressu2010 P6010702dressu2010 P6010688dressu2010 P6010734dressu2010 P6010763dressu2010
The rest of my Friday photos are here.

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