Sunday, May 5, 2013

Regency Picnic

I had really fun, though long, day going to Kat's Jane Austen Picnic/Tea yesterday. Isabella, Taylor, and I left from the DC Maryland suburbs around 9:30 AM, getting to Kat's place at 1 PM. We were driving with Isabella's fairy cottage trailer in tow, which meant we could only go so fast. Isabella was very impressive driving something that large in the streets of Philadelphia. I would've side swiped something for sure!

Once we were at Kat's house and were dressed in all of our regency finery, we went into the backyard, where Kat had set up a beautiful spread of food and tea, including some lovely blends from Stephanie's Regency Tea business. There was lots of happy chatter about Jane Austen, sewing, and plans for upcoming events. And champagne. We had a LOT of champagne. At one point there were 5 empty bottles sitting on the table. This made for even more hilarious conversation as the afternoon went on.

Taylor (of Dames a la Mode) and Julia (of Bohemian Belle) brought some of their wares to sell, which meant we all got in some shopping. I bought 10 yards of ribbon from Taylor, for trimming hats.

When the afternoon was over, Taylor, Isabella, and I drove back home, the fairy cottage still in tow. We stopped at a Wendy's off of Rt. 95 for dinner, and Isabella insisted on bringing her fairy cottage into the drive thru. It was one of those drive thru lanes that snakes around in a few curves too! But the cottage was up to the challenge, and we gave everyone in the Wendy's parking lot some free entertainment. I made it back to my home pretty late, but was very satisfied with a fun day!

And, of course, photos below.

Fairy Castle in Tow

Francis Scott Key Bridge

Ladies and Their Tea

Champagne and Gummi Bears

Stephanie and Matt

Julia and Jenny Rose

Tea Cup


Kat and Jenny Rose

Buying Ribbon

Robin's New Dress, From the Back!

Adrienne and Jenny Rose

Adrienne's Train

Somehow Gloria Ended Up With a Cat

The Sun is Setting

Shoe Shot With a Visitor

Group Photo

The rest of my photos are here.


  1. Thank you so much for coming to my party! You looked beautiful!

    1. Thank you for hosting! You looked beautiful as well, Kat!