Sunday, September 29, 2013

Accessorizing Head-to-Toe Challenge: September Entry

For the first of Trystan's challenges, all I did was trim a simple black straw hat. I needed another 18th C hat for my more simple day outfits. I had a black hat blank that I purchased from The Silly Sisters a while ago and some grey two-tone ribbon from Dames a la Mode. Put them together, and I have a new hat!

Black Straw Hat

Black Straw Hat and Green Jacket

The Accessory: 18th C Hat
Historical Period: Late 1700s (I plan to wear it with 1770s and 1780s outfits)
Outfit It Accessorizes: The first wearing was with my green brocade jacket and grey petticoat
Materials Used: Black straw hat blank, grey two-tone ribbon, thread (also a small circle of black flannel as a lining inside the crown)
Techniques Used: Sewing (mostly gathering and tacking down the ribbon)

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