Sunday, December 9, 2007

Explanation of the Boning in My Mockups

Sabrina was talking to me about how I was boning my victorian corset mockup, so I figured I should take pics to show everyone. As I mentioned before, I'm using masking tape to make the boning channels, because I was too lazy to sew down the seam allowances to make channels (plus, I wanted the allowances to be more alterable, should I need to take a seam in). I didn't come up with this method on my own (it was mentioned on some message board I was reading, I think).

1)Here is the inside of the mockup, where you can see the tape:

2)Here are the tools I am using, my crappy scissors, 14" cable ties for boning, and 1.75" wide masking tape:

3)Right now I am using some crappy Dritz eyelets in place of grommets. I don't have any grommets right now, but when I get some, I'm planning to make a pair of boned/grommeted strips I can attach to my mockups, but for now this is what I'm using. I figured, since I'm not planning on using these eyelets for anything else, I could get rid of them this way.

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