Monday, November 3, 2008

Last Details on the William Morris Bustle

I wanted to wear my bustle outfit to a halloween party, which meant I needed to finish up a few details that I had neglected. (For those of you who don't remember, this dress was made by Lauren of Wearing History from whom I bought it, and I have been refitting it and revamping it for myself.)

Somehow, Lauren's hands are just a little bit smaller than mine, and I had to really struggle at getting my hands through the ends of the sleeves. So I let out the seam allowances just a bit, and now that's not a problem. Of course, that meant I needed to make new cuffs for the sleeves. I took off the old ones, made new ones, and recycled the buttons from the old ones.

I also added some spiral steel boning inside the bodice. This was really easy to do, because Lauren had constructed the jacket by flat-lining the lining to the fashion fabric, serging the seam allowances, and then later pressing the seam allowances open. All I had to do was sew channels on top of the seam allowances.

Finally, I made a brooch out of a huge, gold-colored plastic button to top things off.

The overall views:

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