Friday, April 23, 2010

Fashion Plate Fridays: 1817 Walking Dress

Following up on my Textile Tuesdays post, I'm also going to inaugurate Fashion Plate Fridays. Here I will post a fashion plate that I've found interesting. First up, this 1817 walking dress from La Belle Assemblee. A few things stand out about this illustration. First, the eye-catching green color of the pelisse and bonnet. Second, the detailed trimming on the pelisse, which appears to be created by ruched bands of fabric accented with tassels. Finally, there is the dramatic shape of the bonnet, rising high over the head. That profile is often seen in 1810s plates and drawings. This plate is quite finely drawn. You can find others from the regency and late 1700s that have much sketchier proportions and lack this level of detail.

1817 Walking Dress
La Belle Assemblee

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