Sunday, April 25, 2010

Major Regency Pattern Directory Update

I have started in on updating my Regency Pattern Directory, which has needed it for some time. I've done the dresses and underpinning pages thus far. I had to fix a bunch of links, remove those that no longer exist, and add some new patterns.

In particular, the 19th US Regiment of Infantry website is back up, with all its great scaled patterns. Also, there are some new patterns from Country Wives, Past Patterns, and Daffodown Dilly that have been added.

Next up is the accessories page, and I would like to add a page for menswear patterns.


  1. I'm so glad that you've updated the pattern list! There are a lot of great patterns on there that I hadn't heard of before - particularly the 19th US Regiment of Infantry patterns. Thanks!

  2. You're welcome Lindsey!

  3. Great Work!

    Burnley and Trowbridge is now offering the Period Impressions bodiced petticoat pattern that I have previously only seen at the Nehelenias site, AND B&T offers it in sizes 18-22.

  4. Thanks Sue! I have added the PI bodiced petticoat to the list.