Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011 Sewing/Knitting Wrap Up

I didn't have a long list for this year, I more just wanted to go wherever my stash took me.

My 2011 goals
-Finish 1840s cotton dress--Yup!
-Blue 1780s jacket and petticoat--Morphed into a red print jacket
-To just go with the flow, and work on stash busting projects!--Yup!

What I actually made
-Marth Costume (used a bunch of different cotton broadcloth bits from the stash)
Marth, First Try-On

-Pikachu costume
Gloria as Pikachu

-Blue 1840s with a new bonnet (navy blue fabric was from the stash)

-Linen jacket and petticoat (both the printed and the blue linen were from the stash)

-Red print jacket (leftover fabric from a past project)

-Red cloak

-Knit sontag and 1860s bonnet (yarn was from the stash)

-Trimmed an 18th c hat (ribbon was from the stash)

-Also made three other 18th c petticoats (one white underpetticoat, a striped silk organza petticoat, and another from white embroidered curtains)

My 2012 goals
-Finish blue silk 18th c jacket (still needs the peplum and a bunch of hand finishing)
-Make a 1910s dress (fabric bought)
-Finish a new white regency dress (bodice 1/2 finished)
-Make Mike an 18th c coat (have most of a mockup done, need to check fit on sleeves)
-Something else 18th c?

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