Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fort Frederick Market Fair

Awesome day! The rain held off, which meant we had a ton of time for shopping and hanging out. I wore my linen print jacket for the first time, and I was quite pleased with how it worked out. I also finished some knit mitts that only needed the ends woven in (they had sat in my work basket almost finished for well over a year--shhhh!).
Now everyone look into the distance dramatically... P4280149 P4280095 P4280119 P4280110 P4280124 P4280137 P4280159 P4280142
The rest of my pictures are here.


  1. I've only been to Fort Fred once but loved it. I wish I could go again. Maybe someday when I'm back in VA around the same time, I can swing up there.
    Loved your new jacket.

    1. Thanks Val! You should come back some time!