Tuesday, April 10, 2012

PAX East

Went to PAX East in Boston for the third time. This is a convention centered around gaming in all its forms (video games, board games, card games, role-playing games...). As I've already posted, I helped Mike make a costume based on Robin from the game Arkham City. I didn't have time to sew something for myself as well, so I cobbled together a gothic lolita Princess Peach (from Super Mario Bros) using a shirt and skirt bought from Fan+Friend. I wore these over my 18th C bum roll to give a bustled effect, but then also wore a short crinoline petticoat to poof things out all around. Then I made a crown out of gold scrapbooking paper, pinned this to a little bowler hat, and added burgundy ribbon to a cheap nylon parasol to accessorize. I wore the boots I normally wear with my day bustle outfits, plus black leggings. Overall the look worked out.

Gloria as Princess Peach

Front View
Gloria as Princess Peach

Mike as Robin
Mike as Robin

My Costume Group: Lana and Archer from Archer, Princess Peach, Robin, and Faith from Mirror's Edge
Everyone in Costume

Other Folks: Daisy and Luigi
Daisy and Luigi

Other Folks: Nathan Drake from Uncharted
Nathan Drake from Uncharted

Other Folks: Dr. Horrible
Dr. Horrible

Other Folks: Ghostbuster

The rest of my costume-related photos are here

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