Monday, September 10, 2012

Pink 18th C Style Fan

I have continued to experiment with making 18th C style fans. I wanted to try a method that allowed me to reuse the stencil, as opposed to my freezer paper tutorial I posted about a couple months back. Then I saw the drool-worthy, fabulous work of The Treasures of Dawn, particularly her decoupaged portrait fans. I thought I could figure out how to make something similar, but with my fabric stenciling method. (BTW, check out The Treasures of Dawn blog for some of her other great fan-making projects. Beautiful!)
Here is the result
I started with another cheap plastic and lace wedding favor fan. The lace tears off really easily.
Then I cut out my fan-shaped stencil, using a plastic sheet that is sold especially for stencil-making (see the section in the craft store with pre-cut stencils for painting on walls)
I stuck the stencil to my fabric temporarily using spray adhesive (you only use a light coat on the plastic so that it can be peeled off later)
Then I painted my stencil using opaque screen printing ink and a foam brush
After peeling off the plastic stencil, letting the paint dry, and heat setting it, I penciled in lines where I wanted to cut out the final fan leaf
Then I had to choose a portrait to put in the middle of my center oval. These were different candidates that I tried out in Adobe Illustrator. The green ovals are the size of the border that will remain once I've placed my portrait on the fan. Big shout out to Dames a la Mode, which was where I got the fashion plates in the top right and bottom left corners. I ended up using the fashion plate in the top right. Thanks for posting those plates, Taylor!
I printed my chosen portrait on an iron-on transfer (opaque, for dark fabrics) and attached it to the fan
Then I glued sequins around the portrait for some bling, using gem tack glue
The fan leaf all cut out, ready to be glued to the fan sticks

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