Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Finished Pocket

I know this is late (the bags and purses challenge was in October), but I did do most of the embroidery in October, even if I didn't finish assembly until now. I made this using a kit that Mike bought me from Wm Booth Draper, although I lost the linen tape that originally came with it. I used some cotton tape from the stash instead. It is based on this pocket from the Victoria and Albert Museum.



The Accessory: Embroidered pocket
Historical Period: 1700s (it is based on a 1718-1720 pocket in the V&A, but I will wear this with any 1700s outfit)
Outfit It Accessorizes: I am planning on using this with a variety of 1700s outfits
Materials Used: Linen fabric, crewel wool embroidery thread, cotton tape
Techniques Used: Crewel embroidery, basic hand sewing

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